January 20, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

Mail from our readers


Thanks for the cover story on Tommy Lee Jones (#254, Dec. 23). Ever since I started reading EW, I hoped you’d do a story on him. Jones is truly one of the most talented actors around. I really admire him — even if he always plays the bad guy! I’m glad people are starting to recognize him.
Manda Levie
Kent, Wash.

It’s about time that Jones received the recognition he deserves. I’d pay money to see him read The New York Times.
Maren Doshier

Keep your Costners and Gibsons; I’ll take Jones any day. He’s the only actor that can get me anywhere near a theater.
Sarah Torkelson
Schaumburg, Ill.


I was glad to see your article about Green Day. While I’m surprised that the band went from nightclubs to Madison Square Garden in one year, I’m not surprised that Dookie went triple platinum.
Janice Felzenberg
Oceanport, N.J.


As the waiter quoted in the Kathy Ireland article, here’s the answer to her ”lingering question”: An Oreo Express is a shake made with vanilla ice cream and fresh Oreo cookies topped with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and an Oreo.
Jon McGill
New York City


I agree with Jim Mullen that Dumb and Dumber is ”for people who thought Wayne’s World was too intellectual.” It’s a waste of Jim Carrey’s talent to put him in a movie that is lacking taste or creativity.
Dawn Ressel
Spring Hill, Fla.


I’ve sat by silently for almost two years of Barney bashing, but after his recent hit in Jim Mullen’s Hot Sheet, I can do so no more. Barney is for children, not adults. So the show isn’t reality-based. It’s on a level that kids find entertaining and educational. If left up to them, I’m sure Barney would rate five stars, cheers, and two thumbs up.
Laurel de Foucault
Lahaina, Hawaii


Can’t you give Jay Leno a break? First it was his lantern jaw; now you’re picking on his hair. And stop comparing him with Carson and Letterman and accept him as the host of The Tonight Show. He got the job; now get over it.
Richard Leone
Natick, Mass.

You didn’t draw Leno’s hair big enough.
Scott Ryan Taylor
Kent, Wash.

Correction: We incorrectly stated the premiere date of two new shows on the United Paramount Network (#257, Jan. 13). Platypus Man (9 p.m.) and Pig Sty (9:30 p.m.) will both debut on Monday, Jan. 23.

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