January 20, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST
We gave it an A-

Faye Dunaway is the picture of upper-middle-class mommyhood in A Family Divided. As Karen Billingsly, Dunaway is married to Roger, a loving lawyer played by Stephen Collins, and has a college-student son Chad (Cameron Bancroft). But Karen’s happy life of volunteer work and white-wine cocktail hours is ruined when she begins to suspect that Chad was involved in the gang-rape and subsequent disappearance of a young woman at a fraternity party. Not only that, but her husband tries to prevent her from knowing about the awful incident after the fraternity retains him as its lawyer. By combining the incendiary subject of rape with a smoldering subtext of sexism, A Family Divided becomes an intense, complicated tale in which everyone behaves both badly and with surprising grace. After so many roles that have called upon her to act deliriously neurotic, Dunaway does a fine job here of communicating Karen’s class-conscious suppression of excessive emotion while fully conveying her agony. A-

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