Dead celebrities selling perfume -- Thanks to digital imaging, Chanel transformed its model into Marilyn Monroe

By Maria Ricapito
Updated January 20, 1995 at 05:00 AM EST

Now that morphing is so popular, will there be more dead celebs on TV than there are at Forest Lawn Memorial-Park? At the very least, Chanel N.5 model Carole Bouquet may be digitally transformed into Marilyn Monroe one more time. The recent Chanel commercial has been so successful, the company is negotiating with Monroe’s estate for another one. Chanel paid the estate a ”healthy six figures” for the first ad, says vice president Lyle Saunders. The next one will ”not be a sequel, just another visit with Monroe.” Will other bombshells be resurrected for the perfume? ”We haven’t talked about using other characters,” says Saunders. ”When playing with legends, you have to be careful.”