As my 30th birthday approached, I had finally put to rest my childhood dream of being the first woman to play in the NBA. And then I watched Below the Rim, a joyous celebration of the ”Little Big Men” of the league. Now I’m again convinced I could hawk my own line of Nikes one day. After all, if tiny titans like 5’3” Muggsy Bogues can give 7-footers like Patrick Ewing runs for their money, why can’t I? Combining dramatic historical footage (6’1” Boston Celtics legend Bob Cousy’s final championship game in 1963) and equally stunning contemporary fare (6′ Golden State Warrior Tim Hardaway’s remarkable crossover dribbles), Below the Rim should give anybody 6 feet and under faith in their hoop dreams. NBA Super Slams 2 won’t inspire such confidence, but it will send you soaring with footage of spectacular stuffs. ”The dunk is basketball’s most direct form of self-expression,” intones narrator Ahmad Rashad. Michael Jordan’s gravity-defying leaps and Shaquille O’Neal’s awe-inspiring power moves prove that he’s absolutely right. Below: A- Slams: B+