December 30, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Years from now, when you’re in a video store hunting for a copy of 1994, Oliver Stone’s brilliant take on the events of that singular année, in what section will you look? Will you be in Action/Adventure, reminded of those thrilling scenes where actors demolished hotel rooms and a comedian trashed two talk- show sets? Perhaps you’ll be in Drama, because of stirring subplots involving aged rockers recapturing past glories. Or will you head for the Mystery section, convinced that the dominant story line involved a football hero and a shocking double murder? However it’s categorized, there’s a good chance the film will already have been rented. After all, it was a wildly entertaining year, full of spectacular F/X, unexpected cameos, and a cast of mud-caked thousands. Or don’t you recall? Perhaps you should reacquaint yourself with the script.

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