December 30, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Most Lucrative Yet Totally Needless Software Product

Screensavers. They’re supposed to prevent images from permanently burning into your computer screen, right? But while improvements in monitors have generally gotten rid of this problem, the solution’s more popular than ever. Go ahead: personalize your PC with R. Crumb cartoons or swimsuit models — just don’t try to convince your boss you have to.

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Words To Retire In 1995

All derivations of ”information superhighway” (”I-way,” ”Infobahn,” ”Infogroove”)
All portmanteaus of Hollywood and Silicon Valley (”Siliwood,” ”Hollywired”)


Emoticon we’d most like to see .:-) (smiley with bullet hole in head)

Best Packaging Brookfield’s MovieBuff, a film-industry info database, packs its five floppy disks in a real film can. As the wrapper says, it ”could have stored dailies from a Hollywood blockbuster. (Or, then again, maybe just a sales training film.)” Since ours has StarGate scrawled on its masking-tape label, who got the training film?

Careers Saved From Cameos on ‘Murder, She’ Wrote’ by CD-ROM
Brian Keith (Under a Killing Moon)
Robert Culp (Voyeur)
Morgan Fairchild (Multimedia Celebrity Poker)
Dana Plato (Night Trap)
Corey Haim (Double Switch)
Howie Mandel (Tuneland)

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