December 30, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

It was a year of excess, of reality intrusive, ”O.J. loves Tonya! Read our exclusive!” A Whitewater scandal, a Series made moot, And America saw the ascent of a Newt. Through this dizzying whirl, this annus horribilis, We train our gaze squarely on the 12 stars who thrill us. So here is our list of those who surprised, Who delighted, excited, enraged, polarized. One showed us pulp fictions and shook us awake, One showed us ourselves. Her name: Ricki Lake. Carrey Grant (Jim and Hugh) — that has a nice ring, And Heather Locklear proved a bitch can be king. For ’94’s Entertainers, we give gracious thanks, From A(llen) to (Boy)Z, and especially …

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