December 30, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

As ad-agency dragon lady Amanda Woodward, Heather Locklear is the heartless soul of Melrose Place. So it’s no surprise that when Aaron Spelling tried to clone Melrose with the spin-off Models Inc., he chose Amanda’s mother as its main character. Locklear also spun a number of side gigs off Melrose this season: hosting Saturday Night Live (the Melrose parody was one of SNL‘s rare recent high points), submitting to a sob-free Barbara Walters interview, and filming Texas Justice, a four-hour true-crime movie airing on ABC in February. Plus, she maintained her reputation as one of the few truly nice people in Hollywood — off camera, of course. Says Texas Justice costar Dennis Franz, ”There’s just not a mean bone in that pretty little body of hers.” But there is a funny bone:

EW: How do you feel when people call Amanda a bitch?

Locklear: I love it. As long as they don’t call me a bitch. Well, they can call me a bitch. As long as they don’t throw acid on me.

EW: Will Amanda get more or less evil?

Locklear: Definitely more evil. My mother says, ”Heather, that doctor you’re with (played by Jack Wagner) is bad.” She’s very disappointed in me. And I’m like, ”Mom, I’m Heather and that’s Amanda. You should know this by now.”

EW: Is he the perfect man for Amanda?

Locklear: Probably, but I don’t know if it’s going to last. They get so evil together that one of us has to go. And I know my contract is a little longer …

EW: Is any skirt too short for Amanda?

Locklear: Probably not, as long as she doesn’t have to sit down or bend over.

EW: Do you watch Models Inc. to see what Amanda’s mom is up to?

Locklear: No, but I saw a promo once and I went, ”Oh my gosh, I just wore that blouse last week on the show.” So I guess she handed it down to me. Or maybe I tossed it off to her.

EW: How did you survive The Barbara Walters Special without crying?

Locklear: I cried when I met her, I was so excited. Actually, there was one part when I was talking about my mom that I got very warm in my chest, but they cut that out.

EW: How long will you stay on Melrose?

Locklear: Till I’m 95! Amanda will have wrinkled legs and sagging knees. But she’ll still wear really short skirts with no nylons.

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