December 30, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Toys for guns? Moviemakers said yes to the swap, opting to equip the year’s fashionable villains with a terrorist’s zeal, a this-time-it’s-personal glint, and a gift for gadgetry that goes boom. Mad Speed bomber Dennis Hopper, an ex-cop outraged by his measly pension, pursued damages by wiring his retirement watch to explosives on a city bus. Mad Specialist bomber James Woods, a government agent gone haywire, fit some of his high-tech pow in a ballpoint pen. And extra-crazy Blown Away bomber Tommy Lee Jones, twisted by his old Ulster comrade’s betrayal, got in touch with his inner wild child, amusing himself by outdoing Rube Goldberg and setting Mr. Duck (right) a-whirring toward disaster.

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