"Cybill," "Women of the House," "Get Smart," and "Double Rush" made news the week of December 23, 1994

By Heather Keets
Updated December 23, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

It’s the midpoint for the ’94-’95 TV season, and the first half was brutal. There were injuries (Chicago Hope) and fatalities (Blue Skies). The second half won’t be any easier. Here’s a preview of shows coming off the bench in January.

ABC: A Whole New Ballgame Corbin Bernsen’s Major League experience comes in handy as he portrays a playboy jock and TV sportscaster. He’s a combination Sam Malone-Arnie Becker, but, says executive consultant Barry Kemp, ”he’s got more angst.”

CBS: Cybill In an Americanized Absolutely Fabulous, Cybill Shepherd is a struggling actress with two ex-husbands, two daughters (one a conservative, the other a rebellious teen), and a Betty Ford Center dropout for a friend.
Women of the House Designing Women‘s Suzanne Sugarbaker (Delta Burke) now wages war on Washington as a congresswoman. House reunites Burke with executive producers/ FOBs Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason after their messy split in 1991. Politics makes strange bedfellows.
Double Rush Robert Pastorelli, as the owner of a New York City bike messenger service, reteams with Murphy Brown creator Diane English to get the exposure he lacked as Eldin.

Fox: Get Smart Don Adams returns as Maxwell Smart. Fighting KAOS may be easier than battling 60 Minutes.
House of Buggin’ John Leguizamo heads a sketch comedy show with a mostly Latino troupe. ”This is historical,” he says. ”It’s bigger than when we discovered America.