The 15 hottest topics the week of December 23, 1994

By Jim Mullen
Updated December 23, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

1 HOWARD STERN He’s credited with halting a suicide attempt. What’d he do, shut up?

2 MY SO-CALLED LIFE Can viewers save it from cancellation? Shouldn’t that be the job of the writers, directors, and producers?

3 THE ATOM-BOMB STAMP What political statement? It’s what the Post Office plans to do with your mail.

4 ORANGE COUNTY BANKRUPTCY One legal American treasurer cost them $1.5 billion. And illegal aliens are the problem?

5 PUBLIC TV Barney may get the budget ax. There’s a fund-raising idea. Some folks would pay to see him hacked to death.

6 BINGE DRINKING ON CAMPUS Wow, what a shock. Next you’ll tell me college kids like pizza.

7 SPEECHLESS Speechwriters for rivals in a presidential campaign fall in love. Why not? They’re always trying to screw the other side.

8 READY TO WEAR Robert Altman’s fashion spoof. Designers can see the movie, but they must pay 10 times the price.

9 ATR COMMUTER PLANES Grounded when it might be icy. So to save lives when it’s slick outside, they want us to drive.

10 THE MALTESE FALCON The statue sold for $398,500 at auction. Some people would have thrown that money away on junk.

11 NELL Jodie Foster plays a woman raised almost without contact with humans. We must have gone to the same high school.

12 MIDDLE-CLASS TAX CUTS Everyone in Congress wants to throw us a bone. But it’s eating off the floor that bothers me.

13 PAUL NEWMAN Still one of the most appealing actors around at age 69. Because he never looks like he’s going to tell you about his prostate operation.

14 DARRYL STRAWBERRY The IRS says he didn’t pay taxes on money from autographs. He must have thought they were write-offs.

15 DUMB AND DUMBER Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels as partners in idiocy. For people who thought Wayne’s World was too intellectual.