By Bob Strauss
Updated December 23, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

So how do you think a video-game version of the top-rated sitcom should be set up? A digitized Tim Allen trading text-balloon wisecracks with his wife and three bratty kids? A role-playing adventure with a do-it-yourself theme such as Tim gathering parts for a robot that destroys the set of Roseanne? Well, here’s what Absolute Entertainment devised: a side-scrolling action game, Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit, in which America’s favorite handyman wields staple guns, picks, and jackhammers against an assortment of alien beasties. The game moves along competently enough, but there’s something about watching Allen tussle with dinosaurs that makes me want to take out a tool kit and disassemble my Super NES. C-