Disclosure details - EW polls moviegoers on whether they'd succumb to Demi Moore's wily charms

By Michael Szymanski and Elyse Glickman
December 23, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Nothing like a Demi Moore movie to spark a probe of the cultural zeitgeist: After Indecent Proposal opened, EW conducted a telephone poll asking people if they would ”do it” for $1 million (the answer was a resounding no). Now, with Disclosure, we wonder: If Demi put the moves on the average American man, would he succumb or sue? In an informal exit poll, the dilemmas was posted to 62 moviegoing males in Los Angeles during the film’s opening weekend. Responses ranged from the overzealous (”Demi is a hot minx!”) to the unusually pragmatic (”At the very least, I would want (her) to take me to dinner and meet my parents first”). For the vast majority, however, there was no quandary: 47 men — including three who said they were gay — admitted they would ”go for it,” while 11, inspired perhaps by her wealth and celebrity, said they would take the litigious route. Then there was the sole distinguished gentleman, a 45-year-old electrician from Ventura COunty, who had only Moore’s best interests at heart: ”I would try to talk her out of her behavior after explaining the consequences, and then I would ask her about Bruce (Willis) and the kids.” Who says the age of chivalry is dead?

Sex: 76%
Sue: 18%
Both: 3%
Other: 3%