The author of "Prozac Nation" enjoys "The Hot Zone," "Need," and "Out of the Garden"

By EW Staff
December 16, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Like everyone else, I’m reading The Hot Zone. It’s totally sickening, but I’m obsessed with viruses and diseases. I lecture everyone about antibiotic abuse because of all this. It’s about how the world really will end. I’ve just finished a little-known novel, Need, by Lawrence David. It’s about a psychiatrist whose husband is having an affair with one of her patients, but she can’t do anything about it because she’s afraid the woman will commit suicide. It’s really dark and disturbing. It would make a great movie. Anyone who’s been in therapy will identify with it. I’m also reading Out of the Garden, a collection of essays by women about the Bible. There are essays about Rachel, Rebekah, and Lot’s wife. It’s just fascinating. It strikes me as odd that someone like Jerry Falwell actually wants people in his congregation to read the Bible because it’s so racy. And then there’s Red Azalea, by Anchee Min, which deals with love and politics. It’s beautifully written. It’s amazing that English isn’t her first language.