Tom Hanks, "Star Trek" junkie? -- The actor admits his love for the series and dreams of being in an episode

Life is like a box of…Tribbles? That might be the motto of the galaxy if Tom Hanks, newly revealed as an ÜberTrekkie, had his way. ”I ran into Tom the other day and he told me he doesn’t just watch every show, he stays to read all of the credits,” says Patrick Stewart. ”Tom knows the name of every Trek character, past, present, and I think future. His one regret is that he wanted to be in Generations or on a Next Generation episode, but he didn’t have time.” Hanks, whose next role — as Capt. James Lovell in Apollo 13 — does launch the actor into orbit, may still get a chance to join a starship crew. With Generations, the seventh Trek film, currently burning up the box office ($58 million in three weeks), there’s likely to be a Trek VIII or even IX before the millennium.