Everybody loves Tim Allen -- Movie execs from Disney and other studios are fighting to get the sitcom star in their next movie


What does every movie exec worth his Rolex want for Christmas? A star like Tim Allen, whose The Santa Clause is closing in on the $100 million mark. ”Nine million people are trying to find roles for Allen,” says Twentieth Century Fox’s Tom Sherak, and he’s not alone in thinking the Home Improvement star is the next Jim Carrey. Says one Disney exec: ”Would the movie have worked if it had starred Ed O’Neill or Charles Grodin? And Allen is a good actor, unlike Roseanne. She’s strictly a sitcom star.

Grateful for its first live-action hit since the $50 million-grossing Angels in the Outfield, Disney gave Allen a $66,000 Carrara 4 Porsche and is now trying to present him with other projects, in addition to the animated Toy Story, for which he, along with Tom Hanks, will provide voice-over (there’s no Clause sequel planned yet). Meanwhile, he’s working on an ABC TV special and developing scripts of his own. ”There are other things I’d like to do,” says Allen, ”like sit down with my family!” Though probably not for long.