By Ty Burr
Updated December 16, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

New York artist Rodney Alan Greenblat one-ups his previous CD-ROM, Rodney’s Wonder Window, with this rainbow-colored storybook disc that tells about four oddball pals with names like Stinkabod Lame and Anne Dilly Whim. The animation ain’t all that great, but the writing and the characters have a whimsical bite. One story begins, ”Somewhere in an average suburban neighborhood called Boredomtown, a young habitroid named Jeremy has become a brainwashed zombie from watching too much TV.” But don’t worry. Here come the Dazzeloids to the rescue, and while the next screen loads, kids can tap along to this jaunty tune: ”Are you waiting?/Yeah, we’re waiting for the CD to spin…” This could be the Rocky and Bullwinkle of multimedia if it weren’t so marvelously childlike. A