By Lawrence O'Toole
Updated December 09, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Krzysztof Kieslowski’s shaggy-dog story of erotic obsession and frustration, White, is also a metaphor for how sex can get sublimated into professional success and power. Harried hairdresser Karol (Zbigniew Zamachowski) can’t consummate his marriage to the beautiful Parisian Dominique (Julie Delpy), who throws him out. He shows her by going back to Poland (hilariously, in a suitcase, because he lost his passport in Paris), where he eventually becomes a business tycoon, then stages his own death to cleverly, ironically, trap Dominique for himself. Kieslowski’s tone throughout is funny but stinging, like a constant elbow to the ribs. In White, love is the bitterest pill of all.