Mariah Carey's best side -- We take note of the singer's trademark stance

By Michele Romero
Updated December 09, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

The booklet in Mariah Carey’s new CD, Merry Christmas, contains 15 images of the pop star. In one photo she is in a sleigh; in another she snuggles a reindeer. What rarely changes, though, is the angle of her face — a three-quarter turn that obscures her left side. Research revealed that this is, in fact, her trademark stance. Indeed, in some photos her head is strained so far to the left as to suggest whiplash.

EW asked several photographers who have snapped her for a clue to these contortions. ”She thinks her right side is her best side,” said one, who requested anonymity. ”So she insists on only shooting that side.”

Further research produced a rare photo of Carey’s equally attractive left side. For the sake of her neck, at least, she should learn to turn the other cheek.