Gilbert Gottfried's gone digital -- The comic actor records "Midnight Movie Madness" and "Sportz Freaks 2" on CD-ROM

By Harold Goldberg
December 09, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Gilbert Gottfried, the whiny comic actor, readily shticks it to two CD-ROMs of which he’s the host: Midnight Movie Madness, a game/reference guide, and Sportz Freaks, a bloopers compilation. Of Midnight‘s low-budget location shoot, he says, ”We all drove around Jersey until we found the right parking lot.” Freaks was a step up. ”We actually got to film that in someone’s basement.”

Fascinated by virtual reality’s otential, Gottfried just reprised his role as the voice of Iago the parrot for Disney’s Aladdin VR ride but says of the technology, ”You get dizzy after wearing those goggles for even a few minutes.”

For someone who’s fast becoming a multimedia mainstay, Gottfried has yet to set up a home system. Not because of dizziness, though. He’s just biding his time. ”When they come out with an Elle Macpherson CD-ROM with the virtual-sex suit, I’m there.”