Casting for "Sabrina" still up in the air -- Greg Kinnear may not actually be playing Harrison Ford's brother

”(Greg Kinnear:’s) got a quality; he’s got personality,” says a source close to the Sydney Pollock film Sabrina. True, but what the snarky TV host doesn’t seem to have is the role as Harrison Ford‘s philandering younger brother in the upcoming remake of Sabrina — despite a flurry of reports to the contrary. ”I’m not sure if he can handle the real acting part,” adds the source. Sabrina casting agent David Rubin declined to comment on the hiring ”until it’s done.” The movie, scheduled to begin shooting in January in a New York suburb, also costars Julia Ormond (Legends of the Fall). A spokesman for Kinnear says it’s both a busy schedule and geography that may keep his client from the big screen. Between filming Talk Soup in the morning and Later in the afternoon, he says, ”A trip to Long Island doesn’t fit into the daily commute.”