TV Characters named after authors -- From Jack Stein to John Hemingway, here's a sampling of some characters whose names have been influenced by literature

By A.J. Jacobs and Albert Kim
December 02, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

A vast wasteland? We think not. TV is getting more literary every day. Not only are there two new movies based on classic books, but a bundle of shows have seemingly named their main characters after famous authors — endowing them with traits similar to those of their namesakes.

Real-Life Author : J.D. Salinger: Novelist who wrote about angst-filled adolescents
TV Character: Bailey Salinger (Party of Five): Angst-filled adolescent.

Real-Life Author : Ernest Heminingway: Former hard drinker, used to go to bullfights.
TV Character: John Hemingway (The John Larroquette Show): Former hard drinker, used to fight Bull (on Night Court)

Real-Life Author : Dante: Author of a popular poem that takes plase in hell.
TV Character: Julie Dante (Models Inc.): Character of a popular show that takes place in Los Angeles.

Real-Life Author : Gertrude Stein: Acerbic write who liked women.
TV Character: Jack Stein (Love and War): Acerbic writer whO likes women.

Real-Life Author : James Fenimore Coope: Wrote about American history novels featuring Natty Bumppo.
TV Character: Mark Cooper (Hanging’ With Mr. Cooper): Teaches American history, wears natty suits.

Real-Life Author : Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Touted the ”noble savage,” felt education was the bane of society.
TV Character: Joey Russo (Blossom): Barely graduated from high school

Real-Life Author : Dave Barry: Nationally syndicated humor columnist based in Miami.
TV Character: Dave Barry (Dave’s World): Nationally syndicated humor columnist based in Miami.