Paisley Park's Prince-ly demands -- The musician wants to liberate "The Gold Experience" from Warner

By Robert Seidenberg
Updated December 02, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

First, Prince publicly likened his $100 million deal with Warner Bros. Records to ”institutional slavery.” Now his company, Paisley Park, is circulating fliers that beseech fans to write to Warner and demand that it ”liberate” his next album, The Gold Experience, from the label. ”I couldn’t tell you what the problem is,” says an executive at Warner. ”He’s agreed to let us release the Black Album, so clearly he’s able to do business with us.” But Prince scrapped that album in 1987, and an insider says that it is now ”being released against his will.” Not true, says the exasperated Warner source. ”He signed an agreement. He could have said no. End of story.”