December 02, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST


With the recent star departures that seem to be affecting hit TV shows, it is always interesting to read an article (#248, Nov. 11) examining their reasons for leaving. It seems that so much information comes from producers or angry cast members that it is refreshing to read a balanced article like ”Inside NYPD Blue.”
Wilson Perkowski Lansing, Mich.

Thank you for your article on NYPD Blue and its great cast and for exposing David Caruso for what he is — a brat.
Paul Butterworth Windsor, Ontario

I am curious why EW would devote its cover to two talented actors, Jimmy Smits and Dennis Franz, then feature a story slamming their departed costar? I wonder which bothers the media more — that Caruso has continued his movie career after leaving NYPD Blue or that he has too much class to engage himself in a propaganda war?
Kristen Darnell Atlanta, Ga.

I was ready to give up on NYPD Blue when David Caruso left, but after reading your cover story, I have decided to continue watching.
Rosalyn Robertshaw Tiverton, R.I.

Good luck to David Caruso in his quest for Hollywood stardom, but he’s forgetting just one thing: the color of his hair. I think many people view ginger-haired people with suspicion, bordering on repulsion. It is the first-rate writers of NYPD Blue who made John Kelly such a sympathetic character and caused me to overlook his rusty locks. Dye, David, or you’ll have a long movie career — a Shelley Long career.
Pat Cousins Euless, Tex.


If you didn’t enjoy John Denver’s book, fine, but there’s no reason to attack his character. I suppose it sells more magazines when you publicize infidelity or tear apart someone’s memoirs. Yes, he has made some serious mistakes in his life — he is only human. Why not focus on Denver’s strengths rather than his weaknesses and give this man the respect he deserves?
M.J. Casolaro Staten Island, N.Y.


Provocative and informative comparisons always make a good read, but must you sully the reputation of one of our greatest and most beloved actors (”The Duke of Yucch”)? John Wayne Bobbitt doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same article with John Wayne. He could never fill Wayne’s boots, much less his pants.
Steven Friedlander Knoxville, Tenn.


It’s okay if David Browne doesn’t like Melissa Etheridge’s music, but to call her a phony is way off base. Her honesty and courage shows in her music, especially ”Silent Legacy.” And she’s had the guts to come out of the closet and the generosity to perform for benefits such as the LIFEbeat concert. Where is the phoniness in that?
Rochelle Burkman Waterbury, Conn.

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