By J.R. Taylor
Updated December 02, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

A would-be med student (Stephen Mailer) tries to buy his way past the candidates ahead of him on the Johns Hopkins waiting list, only to find that they’re all getting bumped off. While the cops immediately suspect our young hero, the audience will know the killer is really the prissy genius and fellow med-school reject Rupert, with the overbearing Andrew McCarthy playing the role to full irritating effect. Unfortunately, this cutesy attempt at black comedy is really just another try at spicing up standard slasher film conceits, with the added sophomoric twist that — heh, heh — the victims are all premeds and therefore deserve what they get. Getting In‘s only appeal is in how adorable love interest Kristy Swanson looks now that she’s gained a few pounds, a change especially apparent when the camera cuts to her far slimmer body double. D