Dolly Parton's TV woes -- The country star's series, "Heavens to Betsy," gets pushed back...again

By A.J. Jacobs
Updated December 02, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Here’s something you won’t read in Dolly Parton‘s autobiography: The singer’s planned CBS series, Heavens to Betsy, has been having a devil of a time getting to the tube. Starring Parton as an egotistical country singer sent back to earth to make amends after her near-death experience, the sitcom first hit a snag in August, when show execs delayed production, apparently wanting stronger punchlines. Two new producers, Donald Seigel and Jerry Perzigian, were brought in, but that didn’t turn out so divinely. The longtime partners reportedly got in a kicking-and-punching fight in the writers’ room. The result? Production has again been halted, and yet another producer, Rick Hawkins, is now helming the show. A spokesman for Disney (the show’s coproducer) says, ”We have no interest in publicizing the show now,” but adds that Heavens will be a mid-season replacement, airing in 1995 as planned.