By Ty Burr
Updated December 02, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Letting legendary Warner Bros. animator Chuck Jones try his hand at CD-ROM animation is a little like asking Eric Clapton to let rip on a ukulele. The genius who helped create the Road Runner and some of Daffy Duck’s career highs here illustrates the Prokofiev kiddie classic, with voices provided by Kirstie Alley and Lloyd Bridges. But while Jones’ Chuck Jones’ Peter and the Wolf has a certain paranoid Wile E. Coyote charm, the limits of computer memory make for jerky movement and overly long pauses. An excellent learn-about-the-orchestra section is marred by kludgy text-scrolling, and I’m not sure what Prokofiev would have made of the ”Log Jam Game,” in which the user helps Peter cross a river by moving him from log to log (has Jones been watching Ren & Stimpy?). This is a fine amusement for kids, but you’ll want them to listen to the audio CD that comes with it, if only so they can experience this music unfettered by technology. B