Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise -- Which "Interview with the Vampire'' star would you rather suck your blood

Which vampire would you rather donate your blood to: Tom Cruise‘s insouciant Lestat or Brad Pitt‘s brooding Louis?

To find out, EW surveyed Interview With the Vampire audience members in the Los Angeles area the weekend of Nov. 18-20. The very unscientific poll showed that while men were divided equally on the hunks from hell, nearly two thirds of the women would rather be bitten by Pitt. Though sex appeal was certainly an overwhelming factor, one female respondent had a more practical reason for choosing Pitt: ”It’s not because I think that much of him as an actor,” she said, ”but his teeth look smaller, so it wouldn’t hurt as much.”

Men: 50%
Women: 34%

Men: 50%
Women: 66%

Interview With the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles
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