December 02, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

When Lyle Lovett dedicated ”She Makes Me Feel Good” on stage to his wife, Julia Roberts, he was carrying on a music-biz tradition: singing a tune for your thespian squeeze. Here are more notable cases from the strange history of musician-actress relationships.

Actress: Ava Gardner (The Barefoot Contessa). Musician Beau: Frank Sinatra. Commemorative Song: ”I’m a Fool to Want You” (Sinatra, colyricist; 1951). Sample Lyric: ”To seek and kiss not mine alone/To share a kiss the devil has known.” How It Did: Nowheresville. What About Them? Married later that year, the ”Battling Sinatras” became the tabs’ favorite couple till they divorced in 1957.

Actress: Jane Asher (Alfie). Musician Beau: Paul McCartney. Commemorative Song: ”Here, There and Everywhere” (McCartney, cowriter; 1966). Sample Lyric: ”Changing my life with a wave of her hand/Nobody can deny that there’s something there.” How It Did: Revolver album hit No. 1 for six weeks. What About Them? Engaged in 1967, until she found extracurricular Beatlemania going on in their bed.

Actress: Julianne Phillips (Skin Deep). Musician Beau: Bruce Springsteen. Commemorative Song: ”Brilliant Disguise” (Springsteen, writer; 1987). Sample Lyric:: ”Tonight our bed is cold/I’m lost in the darkness of our love.” How It Did: Single reached No. 5, album (Tunnel of Love) No. 1. What About Them? Married in 1985, divorced in 1989 after Springsteen started harmonizing with backup singer Patti Scialfa, whom he married in 1991.

Actress: Paulina Porizkova (Her Alibi). Musician Beau: Ric Ocasek. Commemorative Song: ”The Way You Look Tonight” (Ocasek, writer; 1991). Sample Lyric: ”I might have seen/A different kind of dream/And I might have missed/ The way you look tonight.” How It Did: The ex-Car’s Fireball Zone album fizzled, selling only 27,000 copies. What About Them? Married in 1989; they’ve been a model-Car couple ever since.

Actress: Daryl Hannah (Roxanne). Musician Beau: Jackson Browne. Commemorative Song: ”I’m Alive” (Browne, writer; 1993). Sample Lyric: ”I want to go where I will never hear your name.” How It Did: Single hit No. 18; the album (I’m Alive) hung in the Top 40 for 21 weeks. What About Them? Split up amidst her claims that he battered her. He wrote this song; she was a rumored future Kennedy-in-law.

Actress: Lisa Hartman (Perfect Crimes). Musician Beau: Clint Black. Commemorative Song: ”Half the Man” (Black, cowriter; 1993). Sample Lyric:: ”When the rivers all run dry/She finds the water.” How It Did: No Time to Kill album hit No. 2. What About Them? Lassoed each other and tied the knot in 1991.

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