The 15 hottest topics the week of November 25, 1994

By Jim Mullen
Updated November 25, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

1 The Republican Congress Only in America can a man named Newt get away with saying that other people aren’t ”normal.”

2 Miracle on 34th Street What happens? Somebody walks past Macy’s without being panhandled?

3 Thanksgiving Remembering the day when the Pilgrims first gave thanks that football hadn’t been invented yet.

4 The Professional A French hit man gets mixed up with a teenage girl. Oops! Did I spoil it for you by saying he’s French?

5 Letterman’s Prime-Time Special Yes, some people go to bed before he comes on. They’re called parents.

6 The Lion King He’s being rereleased. Just in time to eat The Swan Princess for breakfast.

7 Leonardo Da Vinci His manuscript sold for $30.8 million. For that kind of money it must have a part for Sharon Stone.

8 The Heidi Fleiss Trial There’s a rumor Michael Jackson will pay her legal bills. If she’ll say he was a client.

9 Sunset Boulevard On Broadway 16 months after its London debut so critics here can tell us if we should have seen it.

10 Martha Stewart Her new book is called Menus for Entertaining. Everyone on your kitchen staff should have one.

11 Million-Dollar Babies The story of the media circus around the Dionne quintuplets 60 years ago. Today it would only be a story if they were missing.

12 Ricki Lake Arrested Why was she part of an antifur protest? Designers don’t use the skins of publicity hounds.

13 Billy Joel He says his current tour will be his last. Hey, it worked for the Judds.

14 Star Trek Generations Captain Picard goes back in time for Captain Kirk’s help. And to shop for antiques at the mall.

15 Duets II Frank Sinatra records again with pop stars over the phone. You’ll love ”Is That Your Call-Waiting or Mine?”