It’s like a George Lucas production of an Earth, Wind and Fire album cover. Passing through the StarGate, a mystical portal that beams you to other galaxies, a team of American military operatives has arrived on Abydos, a sand-dune planet that resembles Earth in the days of the pharaohs. Kurt Russell, as the commander, and James Spader, as a saintly Egyptologist, must join forces to defeat Ra (Jaye Davidson), an extraterrestrial who arrived on Abydos in his pyramid spaceship and installed himself as its ruler-god. The most dramatic question raised by StarGate is, Why did Jaye Davidson choose to follow up The Crying Game by appearing in this glittery trash pile? Vamping the audience with his come-hither stare, he gives you the feeling that Darth Vader has been reincarnated as Ali MacGraw. C

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