In my system

By EW Staff
Updated November 11, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Teller, the silent partner in the anarchistic magic team Penn & Teller, says he doesn’t have much time for video games. That was a problem when someone gave him a Game Boy and a copy of Tetris. ”Hours would just evaporate,” he says. ”And then I’d find myself dreaming Tetris patterns. And it drove me crazy, because it’s so good.”

Teller also turns to the Jungle, a private bulletin board that’s an electronic clubhouse for him and his friends. On the road, ”there’s a horrible disorientation when you get to your hotel room,” he says. ”You don’t know where the movie theaters are, you don’t know where the restaurants are, and you feel rather abandoned.” But then he logs on to the Jungle with his laptop. ”And all of a sudden,” Teller says, ”there are all of my friends.”