Kevin Costner's divorce and David Copperfield's lawsuit made news the week of Nov. 11

By EW Staff
Updated November 11, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

DEALS Another day, another new truck stop on the info superhighway. Bell Atlantic, NYNEX, and Pacific Telesis, advised by CAA’s Michael Ovitz, announced plans for two new companies that will enable consumers to order movies and TV shows on demand. The interactive service is scheduled to debut next year.

BIRTHS A 7-pound-14-ounce boy, Noah Kidron Style, to To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar director Beeban Kidron and music producer Spencer Style, on Oct. 27. An earlier delivery could have delayed the movie ( 247, Nov. 4), but the baby arrived on the last night of filming.

DEATHS Mildred Natwick, 89, Broadway, TV, and movie veteran, in New York City. She received a 1967 Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for Barefoot in the Park. Jimmy Miller, 52, record producer, of liver failure, in Colorado. In addition to producing such Rolling Stones albums as Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main Street, Miller helped define ’60s rock through his work with Traffic and Blind Faith. Wilbert Harrison, 65, R&B musician, of a stroke, in a North Carolina nursing home. His 1959 hit, ”Kansas City,” has been covered by everyone from the Beatles to Ann-Margret.

DIVORCES Steven Seagal and actress Kelly LeBrock, after seven years, three kids, and one movie (Hard to Kill). Neil Diamond and wife Marcia, after 25 years, two sons, and countless flowers. Kevin Costner and wife Cindy, after 16 years and three children. Last month, Costner reportedly stood in front of the couple’s La Cañada, Calif., home as movers hauled away boxes.

LAWSUITS David Copperfield settled his suit against Lifetime Publishing after the company dropped plans to unmask Copperfield’s sorcery in the book Secrets of Magic Revealed (out in December). Says the magician, ”No one wants to see the demystification of an art based on wonder — it’s like the Easter Bunny.”