What the country is talking about this week ...

By Jim Mullen
November 11, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

1 Frankenstein You can’t tell Robert De Niro’s the monster until he says, ”You talkin’ to me?”

2 Paula Jones She says her ex-beau sold pictures of her to Penthouse just for money. Would it be okay just for publicity?

3 Prince Charles After visiting L.A. he knows why movie stars are Hollywood royalty. They get rich doing next to nothing.

4 Michael Huffington The California campaign is the priciest Senate race ever. So what would he do with our money?

5 Clerks An award-winning movie made in a Quick Stop for $28,000. Usually things cost twice as much at convenience stores.

6 Princess Di Will she buy an apartment at Trump Tower in New York? Gee, who could profit from a rumor like that?

7 Tom and Roseanne It’s said they blew $20 million-plus in one year. That black velvet Elvis collection doesn’t come cheap.

8 Shannen Doherty She’ll be Gone With the Wind author Margaret Mitchell in a TV movie. Was Jaye Davidson runner-up?

9 Rodney King His lawyers delivered a bill for $4.4 million. Wouldn’t you love to see a videotape of that?

10 Violence Warnings on TV Listings So your kids won’t waste time wading through all that nonviolent crap.

11 White House Security Is the guy who shot at the President’s digs a paranoid psychopath or just your average talk-radio listener?

12 Mini Satellite Dishes New receivers let remote places see the same dismal TV that we’ve watched for years.

13 The Beatles They’re releasing some songs performed in Britain 30-some years ago. It’ll be known as the Gray Album.

14 Earth 2 High-tech pioneers try to settle another planet. It’s a whole new genre: cowboys and aliens.

15 Burt Reynolds He says he can’t afford Loni’s alimony. He spent it all on those silly scarves.