The Bobbitt-Wayne Connection

By EW Staff
November 11, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Now that he’s a movie star, too, John Wayne Bobbitt may think he has a lot in common with his famous namesake. And he’s right: Could the following uncanny similarities be mere coincidence … or fate?

John Wayne Bobbitt Is a former Marine.
John Wayne In 1951’s Flying Leathernecks, he played a Marine.

John Wayne Bobbitt Appeared on a Howard Stern New Year’s Eve special.
John Wayne Appeared with Shemp Howard in 1942’s Pittsburgh and stood near the stern of a ship in 1965’s In Harm’s Way.

John Wayne Bobbitt Sometimes felt postoperative willie pain.
John Wayne His Fighting Kentuckian costar, Oliver Hardy, portrays Willie Paine.

John Wayne Bobbitt Grew up in Niagara Falls, N.Y.
John Wayne His sometime costar, Angie Dickinson, reportedly had an affair with John F. Kennedy, who purportedly slept with Marilyn Monroe, who starred in Niagara.

John Wayne Bobbitt Newlyweds John and Lorena lived in Manassas, Va.
John Wayne Occasional costar Thomas Mitchell was in High Noon, which was shot by cinematographer Floyd Crosby, whose son, David, is a bandmate of Stephen Stills, who once had a group called Manassas.

John Wayne Bobbitt His aunt and uncle appeared on Larry King Live.
John Wayne His Man Who Shot Liberty Valance costar, Lee Marvin, also appeared in Ship of Fools with Vivien Leigh, who was once married to Sir Laurence Olivier, called Larry by his friends and who played a king when he was alive.