Cosmic Slop

November 04, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

An attempt at creating a sort of African-American version of The Twilight Zone, Cosmic Slop (HBO, Nov. 8, 10-11:30 p.m.) takes its title from funk musician George Clinton’s great composition of the same name. The wiggy Clinton also hosts this anthology series of supernatural tales: Think Rod Serling on acid. In ”Space Traders,” an alien who looks like Ronald Reagan offers the United States trillions of dollars if he can take every black person in America back to his planet. A genial bit of racial paranoia written by novelist Trey Ellis, this fable is carried through to its rigorously logical conclusion with mordant wit. In ”The First Commandment,” NYPD Blue‘s Nicholas Turturro stars as a Catholic priest whose ghetto parish is visited by a saint whose statue has come to life — it’s disappointingly sentimental. ”Tang,” based on a short story by ’60s thriller writer Chester Himes, is easily the best bit of Slop — a two-character drama about a poor, unhappily married couple whose frustrations surface when a rifle is mysteriously delivered to their door. ”Tang” features remarkable performances from both Paula Jai Parker and Chi McBride (The John Larroquette Show), and gives Cosmic Slop — produced by House Party filmmakers Reginald and Warrington Hudlin — a feeling of promise. B+

Cosmic Slop

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