November 04, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

”I wear [them] because they make a s—ty haircut look like it’s supposed to look that way,” says Saturday Night Live‘s Janeane Garofalo of the latest trend in celebrity hairstyles: the little barrette. The colorful accessories have also been seen clamped to the ‘dos of grunge-rocker Courtney Love, actresses Drew Barrymore and Winona Ryder, and Beverly Hills, 90210 coeds Tori Spelling and Kathleen Robertson.

Diana Lesanics, a brand manager at Goody, a leading manufacturer of the barrettes, says it’s part of the baby-doll trend: ”It’s youth trying to look even younger by wearing things like little slip dresses. It’s just a reflection from their childhoods, when they were totally carefree.” But Alisa Bellettini, producer of MTV’s House of Style, sides with Garofalo. ”People’s hair is so messy now that it looks good a bit styled.” But barrettes aren’t just for gals. Guys like ’em too: Green Day‘s Tré Cool and Blind Melon‘s Shannon Hoon were photographed wearing them at Woodstock. Clip on, dudes.

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