November 04, 1994 at 05:00 AM EST

Tough life: On General Hospital, Jack Wagner has already starred opposite one of TV’s most beautiful women, real-life wife Kristina Wagner (Felicia). Now he gets to play the new love interest of Heather Locklear’s Amanda on Melrose Place. Wagner has just returned to GH as the heroic Frisco Jones. It’s doubtful he’ll be as likable on Melrose as prickly chief of staff Peter Burns. ”I prefer to think of him as assertive,” says Wagner, 35. With two roles on his mind — and a second child due in December — the actor probably could have done without his humbling welcome to the Melrose set: A production assistant hung a sign on his trailer with his name misspelled. ”Jack Wang,” it read. ”I guess I looked Asian to her,” he jokes. ”It was pretty funny — but I had her fired later.”

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