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Bad organ music. Tacky sets. Wacky clothes. Atrocious, hammy acting. It’s all here. Fans of clip shows should check out 50 Years of Soaps: An All-Star Celebration (CBS, Oct. 27, 8-10 p.m.), which salutes the good and the bad about daytime drama. The fast-paced show crams in a lot of information in a loving yet irreverent (bordering on snide) manner. The bloopers alone are worth your time. If there is one nit to pick, it’s that the segment on jaw- dropping moments leaves out the One Life to Live classic when Karen (Judith Light) confessed in court that she was a hooker — perhaps the greatest scene in soap history. Oh, and they could have put more names and years on the screen to let you know who was who. No matter. Don’t miss this.

One Life to Live

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