What I'm reading

By EW Staff
October 21, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

I’m rereading William Manchester’s two-volume Winston Churchill bio, The Last Lion. Manchester is just about the best guy writing nonfiction, a real craftsman. Not only is the prose fantastic, Winston Churchill may be the most fascinating character in history. I’m also rereading Parting the Waters, by Taylor Branch. It’s the best life of Martin Luther King. Then there’s William S. McFeely’s Grant. Most of the stuff you read on Grant only deals with him as a general. This deals with him as a President. I do read more than my share of biographies. Fiction’s fun, but you end up picking up the nonfiction for something with weight, some bite. I’m also reading the sequel to Lonesome Dove, Larry McMurtry’s Streets of Laredo. I’m really getting a bang out of it. He picks up the same characters and makes them do totally unexpected things.