By EW Staff
Updated October 21, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Love That Bob

Thanks for the cover story on Robert Redford and Quiz Show ( 242, Sept. 30). At 57, Redford’s got more going for him than most men half his age. The film, its stars, its script, and Redford all deserve Oscar nominations. And to those who’ve attacked the film’s accuracy: All fact-based Hollywood films have fictional elements in them — that’s why they’re called dramas.
Renée Newbold
Newport News, Va.

What a pleasantly nonconfrontational interview with Robert Redford. And this 20-year-old female thinks the cover photo of Redford, Rob Morrow, John Turturro, and Ralph Fiennes puts your recent Melrose studs cover to shame.
Shannon Reed
Westerville, Ohio

Why does every writer who interviews Robert Redford seem to feel compelled to go on about his ”lavishly wrinkled” face? We should all look so good.
Jim Daniel
San Mateo, Calif.

One No Trump

It’s ludicrous and appalling for Marla Maples Trump to draw a parallel between her relationship with Donald Trump and the love story in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Maples isn’t Cinderella and Trump isn’t Prince Charming — in fact, she epitomizes Hollywood’s classic celluloid homewrecker. Both Maples and Trump eat away at the moral fiber of society like it was the breakfast of champions.
Chuck Jones
New York City

Editor’s Note: Chuck Jones is presently appealing his conviction on criminal charges, including burglary and possession of stolen property — Marla Maples Trump’s shoes and lingerie — while he was her publicist.

‘Bama Bash

Jim Mullen’s Sept. 30 Hot Sheet item about the new Miss America notes that ”people can be happy despite being from Alabama.” His knowledge of my state seems to come only from the media. Alabama’s people are hospitable, patriotic, and happy, and its nature is breathtaking. Mullen should visit here; if his stereotypes are dispelled, my letter was not in vain.
Jessica Smith
Birmingham, Ala.

Paul vs. Michael

In your mention of Paul McCartney’s Give My Regards to Broad Street, you state that he sold his music to Michael Jackson. Paul and John Lennon lost the publishing rights to their songs in 1969; Paul was in the ironic position of trying to buy back his own works — which Jackson purchased in 1985, outbidding everyone.
Laura Francis
Austin, Tex.

A Trust for Pedro

On behalf of the family and friends of Pedro (the HIV-positive cast member of MTV’s The Real World who is without health insurance), I’d like to thank you for running the article about his condition. Donations can be sent to: The Pedro Zamora Medical Needs Trust, Sun Bank South Florida, Dept. 215070 Lock Box, Miami, FL 33121-5070. Help is needed.
Judd Winick
Cast Member, The Real World
San Francisco