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CHILLING OUT: Eddie Murphy is getting ready to sink his teeth into a new project — Wes Craven‘s Vampire in Brooklyn. Wait. The Beverly Hills Cop star doing a low-budget horror movie? ”I think Eddie has reached the point to say, ‘I’m willing to take a fraction of my fee, a director I’ve never worked with before, and a genre I’ve never tried,”’ says Craven, who adds that Murphy is a ”horror buff.” Written by Murphy’s brother Charles, the ”scary comedy,” as Craven describes it, won’t see the light of day anytime soon. Craven says Universal must release Murphy’s Nutty Professor remake first (Professor doesn’t even start filming until after Vampire wraps). Which means Vampire won’t be released until ’96. — Stephen Schaefer

WRITING A WRONG: Contrary to reports, Prozac Nation author Elizabeth Wurtzel says Drew Barrymore and Sandra Bullock have not been battling it out for the film rights to her memoir of chronic depression. ”I heard that Drew was going to be in the movie, and that she was going to Harvard to prepare for it. I was like, where did this come from?” says Wurtzel. ”I’ve never met her. I’ve never spoken to her.” Agency sources for both actresses also deny that either has met with the writer, or that they have attempted to option the book. ”Sandra has not and will not,” says a spokesman, but a representative for Barrymore does admit, ”Drew is going to read it.” Wurtzel says her life makes for a great role: ”It’s a really meaty part. It’s not somebody’s girlfriend. It’s not running around with a gun.” — Maria Ricapito

DEAREST DADDY: For Danny DeVito, his role as a gynecologist who impregnates Arnold Schwarzenegger in Junior (due in November) didn’t end when the film wrapped. ”A month ago, I ran into Arnold and Maria [Shriver]in a little café,” says DeVito, who couldn’t pass up the opportunity to taunt his costar. ”Arnold didn’t see me, so I had my waiter send him a big quadruple scoop of vanilla ice cream with a note that read, ‘From the father of your child.”’ Schwarzenegger hunted around the restaurant ”like a shark,” says DeVito, who finally revealed himself as the culprit. ”I just walked over to him and said, ‘Happy Labor Day.”’ — Cindy Pearlman

IN TURNER-ROUND: The place: Toronto’s RPM club. The scene: nearly 400 fans listening to the Suits, a blues band featuring Kathleen Turner‘s real-estate mogul husband, Jay Weiss, on guitar, and a guest appearance by the sultry actress. The songs: Turner chimed in with her renditions of ”Hootchie Kootchie Man” and ”No Business for a Lady,” among others. The reaction: One visitor from Buffalo said, ”Someone should tell her not to quit her day job,” and that might not have been a minority opinion. When a band member announced that Turner had to leave because she had an early call on the set of David Anspaugh’s Moonlight and Valentino, the crowd broke into relieved applause. — Angela Baldassarre

ETC.: Since nabbing an Oscar, Marisa Tomei has received all kinds of offers, but the Only You star says she will next do Tony Kushner‘s Slavs, at the New York Theatre Workshop. According to Tomei, it’s an interesting role. ”I’m a Russian lesbian security guard who is protecting the brains of Lenin and Trotsky,” says Tomei. ”It’s going to be fun!” … When Miramax’s Marvin’s Room (based on the late Scott McPherson’s hit Off Broadway play) begins production next spring with just-announced star Meryl Streep, the film will be going where no movie has gone before: Disney World. The Magic Kingdom has always been off-limits to any filming except Disney specials, but an exception has been made. It’s nepotism, says Marvin producer Scott Rudin: ”Miramax is owned by Disney.”


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