In the Works

By EW Staff
Updated October 14, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

*Developing: James Dean’s back, and Leonardo DiCaprio’s got him. The 19-year-old Oscar nominee (for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape) reportedly will portray the moody icon in the upcoming Dean. Can’t wait to hear DiCaprio cry, ”You’re tearin’ me apart!”
* Prepping: Enfants terribles Allen and Albert Hughes will follow their debut smash, Menace II Society, with Dead Presidents (slang for cash). The drama, which goes before the camera this month, centers on a Vietnam vet who turns to crime.
* Shooting: Pugilist Mickey Rourke is back in the acting ring with Bullet, filming in New York City under the direction of music-video auteur Julien Temple. Rourke plays an ex-con who double-crosses a tough drug dealer (Tupac Shakur). Bullet starts to fly on the big screen in March.