This week's TV ratings

By EW Staff
Updated October 07, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

ABC’s flip-flop of Home Improvement and Roseanne certainly didn’t hurt either show. In its new Tuesday slot, Tim Allen’s sitcom continued its reign atop the ratings, handily defeating NBC’s Frasier (17th). And the Wednesday premiere of Roseanne (4th) demolished the debut of CBS’ Touched by an Angel (63rd). After its Monday preview cracked the top 10, NBC’s Thursday doctor drama, ER (13th), eviscerated CBS’ Chicago Hope (55th) in their first head-to-head airing. In fact, NBC’s entire Thursday lineup made the top 20: Mad About You (12th), the new ensemble sitcom Friends (15th), Seinfeld (3rd), and Dabney Coleman’s latest, Madman of the People (14th), which didn’t hold nearly as much of Seinfeld‘s audience as Frasier did. There is more good news for Kelsey Grammer: His NBC movie The Innocent (16th) won its Sunday slot.