By EW Staff
Updated October 07, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

TV Seasoning

We always look forward to your preview issues, and your fall TV preview was terrific ( 240, Sept. 16). In particular, the grid of what’s on each day on each network is really helpful. However, it would be a great addition to include in the grid the day the show premieres. It’s cumbersome finding this information in the text, and it’s impossible to find in our local paper.
Sandra Wade
Rapid City, S.D.

Congratulations on a splendid — and very thick — issue of Entertainment Weekly. It looks like Sunday nights will be kind of bland, with the release of Earth 2. Come on, NBC! You can’t get this show a cult following as you did with Star Trek and Quantum Leap.
Jim Maciorowski
New Port Richey, Fla.

Several non-network shows with large followings were omitted from your listings. USA’s Silk Stalkings, HBO’s The Larry Sanders Show, and Baywatch playing in syndication are three that come to mind. I’m sure I’m not alone in being curious about the new fall season for shows like these.
Bradley Miles
New York City

‘Burning’ Mad

I think it’s sad when a Hispanic is cast in a Hispanic role and it’s considered the ”politically correct” thing to do. Why is it not simply considered the right thing to do? Benjamin Svetkey’s article on HBO’s The Burning Season describes the Hispanic-heavy casting as PC. Why? The story takes place in South America — should there not be Hispanics portraying Hispanics? I’m frustrated with seeing other people portray us negatively; screenwriters, directors, and studio executives should know by now that many Hispanics speak English and, yes, most actually live in the U.S. legally. We’re also capable of playing ourselves in movies.
Reuben Cruz
Cucamonga, Calif.


Thank you for your articles about the Carpenters. Inspired by the tribute CD, I offer three reasons that my age group, the dreaded Generation X, has an affinity for this seemingly sanitized pop duo:
(1) As children, we all had to perform ”Sing” in chorus, which permanently instilled in us a desire for such music.
(2) Many of our parents listened to AM radio as we grew up, thus exposing us to the Carpenters.
(3) Many of us had less-than-ideal home lives, and the ache in Karen’s voice jibed with our own pain. The Carpenters collection is a litany of the pain of relationships, something we experienced firsthand.
Joseph M. Mallon
Fremont, Calif.

Penny and Cindy

In the article ”Splitting: The Difference,” you gave the impression that Cindy Williams has done nothing of creative significance, while her Laverne and Shirley costar, Penny Marshall, has gone on to bigger and better things. Well, the latter is true, but here’s a little tidbit: Ms. Williams was coproducer of the Steve Martin $89 million hit film Father of the Bride. Not bad for a lady whose career path you put in the schlemiel category.
Richard Halpern
Orlando, Fla.