What the country is talking about the week of Sept. 30

By Jim Mullen
September 30, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

1 Terminal Velocity Charlie Sheen skydiving. Movies like this keep Gump in business. 2 Ed Wood The cross-dresser who brought us such Z-movie gems as Glen or Glenda. A talk-show guest before his time.

3 Miss America The first winner to have a disability. Proving that people can be happy despite being from Alabama.

4 O.J.’s Jury Sure we can find 12 people who are out of touch—but can the Senate get by with only 88 people?

5 The Shawshank Redemption A prison movie like The Fugitive, except he forgets to escape.

6 Doc Gooden He’s flunked two more drug tests. He always preferred grass.

7 Acting Lessons for Doctors The Lancet says they could use them to smooth over awkward moments. Like, ”Will this be expensive?”

8 Jimmy Carter He has a knack for getting mindless thugs with big egos to behave. Next mission: the baseball owners.

9 Pogs A Hawaiian schoolyard game is hot on the mainland. On some playgrounds it’s already more popular than shooting.

10 Frasier vs. Home Improvement Two things worth watching at the same time? If only this were common.

11 Fall Foliage What’s the difference between fall foliage and dead leaves? The difference between a cat and a cat box.

12 Political Campaigns Spending millions to get $100,000 jobs. Then we put them in charge of our money?

13 Couplehood Paul Reiser’s book on relationships. If you need a comedian’s advice, you really have problems.

14 Television Season Premieres Followed next week by the television season cancellations.

15My Fair Lady It’s been restored for its 30th anniversary. If only we all could be.