By EW Staff
Updated September 30, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

TINY BAUBLES: More troubles for Courtney Love. At a recent performance in Toronto with her band, Hole, Love dived into the audience during the encore. In the mosh pit, some of the singer’s jewelry was snatched by overzealous fans. Missing were a gold charm bracelet and a plastic bracelet with rhinestones. Following a public plea, the plastic one was returned, but a spokesperson for Love said only part of the gold bracelet was recovered. ”Most of the charms have been found, but we don’t think we’ll find any more,” said the spokesperson, adding, ”(The bracelet had) sentimental value. Courtney really wants (the charms) back.” -Angela Baldassarre NAME ACT: Kevin Pollak (A Few Good Men) says he was awestruck when Martin Scorsese tapped him for a lead in the ’70s Mob tale Casino, opposite heavy- hitters Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone. So awestruck, in fact, that he’s nearly beside himself over how to address the man he calls ”one of the greatest American filmmakers of my lifetime.” Says the 36-year-old actor, ”I was thinking maybe I would call him Mr. Scorsese so many times that he’ll just turn on me and shout, ‘It’s Marty, all right!”’ As for De Niro? ”I’m already convinced I will never get to Bobby.” -Malissa Thompson

SHIFTLESS: So much for The Late Show starring Tim Robbins. The word in Hollywood has been that the lanky actor might portray talk-show king David Letterman in the upcoming HBO movie The Late Shift, based on Bill Carter’s book about last year’s late-night battles. But Robbins says it’s not so. ”I keep hearing that I’ve been cast in this,” he says, ”but unless they turn Letterman into a tyrant saying ‘I want more money!’ I wouldn’t want to play him.” In fact, Robbins doesn’t sound like he’s a fan of any nighttime host. ”Did they say I was going to play Jay Leno, too? That would be weird,” says Robbins, ”and (Dick Cavett) would be unbearable.” -Cindy Pearlman

ON THE AISLE: Will Whoopi Goldberg’s next big role be that of blushing bride? Goldberg and fiance Lyle Trachtenberg are said to be close to tying the knot. Though a spokesperson for Goldberg will neither confirm nor deny that the nuptials will take place on Oct. 1, the actress-currently on location in Toronto filming Moonlight and Valentino-admitted to friends that ”a wedding looks imminent.” In fact, Goldberg has already attended to the most crucial detail: the dress. ”I’ve designed the gown with lots of silk and French lace,” says designer Kim Ironmonger, of Toronto’s Valencienne boutique. ”It’s a very romantic look.” She adds that the dress is flowing and decorative. ”She’ll look stunning.” Now, about that cake -Michael Szymanski

ETC.: Here’s today’s $64,000 question: Who makes cameo appearances in Robert Redford’s Quiz Show? Answer: directors Martin Scorsese and Barry Levinson, who appear in the credits, and Reality Bites star Ethan Hawke, who does not. ”He just did it for fun,” says a Hawke spokeswoman. ”(Ethan’s) a tremendous admirer of Redford’s, and the opportunity just presented itself. He couldn’t wait to help out.” Look for Hawke as a student arguing the finer points of Cervantes’ Don Quixote in Mark Van Doren’s classroom….Coming to a bar mitzvah near you: the Kramer Dance. Introduced last month by Chicago Sun Times columnist Jeff Zaslow at his annual meet-and-greet singles bash, the dance was taught to guests by the real Kramer, Seinfeld’s Michael Richards. ”Keep a lot of beverages in your body and don’t eat cereal before you dance,” Richards instructed the 6,500 partygoers via audiotape.