Improper Conduct

September 23, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Having already explored the sensitive issues of bisexual female journalists (The Other Woman) and bisexual female desperadoes (Wild Cactus), director Jag Mundhra takes a hetero slant with Improper Conduct, the first film about sexual harassment to introduce its heroine in a shower scene. Tahnee Welch’s catatonic performance as a commercial artist driven to her doom suggests that her sleazy boss’ real sin is necrophilia, but that doesn’t stop her sister (Lee Anne Beaman) from pursuing the kind of erotic vengeance that terrifies guys worried about little more than phone calls to their girlfriend from some one-night stand. While Conduct may be one of Mundhra’s duller efforts, at least the inclusion of fading star Steven Bauer keeps Adrian Zmed from looking like the most talented cast member.

Improper Conduct

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Improper Conduct

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