By Mark Harris
September 23, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

Now we’re not saying that the rest of Marlon Brando’s Songs is normal, not by a long shot. Even in the midst of so much eccentricity, however, certain segments stand out as beacons of the bizarre.

*On Pig Intelligence: ”Pig intelligence has been widely overlooked. They can be housebroken, and they’re clean animals by nature….” *On Faces and Races: ”The face is an extraordinarily subtle instrument; I believe it has 155 muscles in it…. Some people have very nonexpressive faces. They carry a neutral expression around all the time, and it is often difficult to read their faces, especially Orientals and the Indians of North and South America.” *On Black History: ”Much American humor comes from blacks; so does our music. Blacks taught the world how to dance, from the jitterbug to rock ‘n’ roll, and I believe they were largely responsible for helping liberate Americans from the puritan attitudes toward sexuality.” *On the Academy Awards and Jews: The (Oscar) ceremony has its roots in Hollywood’s obsession with self-promotion; people in the business have a passion for paying tribute to one another. I suspect it stems from the fact that so many of them are Jewish. It is a part of their faith to recognize and reward good works and be honored for them.” *On Bulimia: ”At home one night, before leaving to visit a woman… whose husband was spending the night in the hospital for some tests, I ate a quart of ice cream. That wasn’t unusual, but at the time I was getting ready to start a new movie and was on a strict diet, so after I ate it, I stuck my finger down my throat and threw up. (No, I am not a bulimic, but occasionally I do things like that.)”