By Owen Gleiberman
Updated September 16, 1994 at 04:00 AM EDT

How nonsensical is this Paris-set exercise in punk-chic mayhem? So nonsensical that the robber heroes burst into a bank in the middle of the afternoon, terrorize dozens of workers, and then proceed to spend half an hour cracking the safe. (Do they think the cops won’t show up?) The idiocy of the plot is the tip-off that writer-director Roger Avary is really just interested in random displays of nihilistic decadence (e.g., heroin-shooting, prostitute-bashing, lotsa blood). As the reluctant safecracker, Eric Stoltz looks bohemian-scruffy but still manages to act like an addled preppy. As his psycho partner, Jean-Hugues Anglade offers a Gallic version of Gary Oldman’s specialty—wildly ”intense” overacting as the New Grunge Method.